New Earth Agency

Creative Direction | Brand Identity | Copywriting | Lead Design

Tools: Photoshop (Beta) | Illustrator

A sustainable marketing agency that believes in making a positive impact through creative solutions. As the lead designer, I had the opportunity to craft the brand identity of New Earth, creating a cohesive brand experience. From the logo to the branding kit, business cards, posters, and social media assets, each design element reflects their commitment to sustainability and effective communication.

New Earth Brand Identity Kit

“I’ve had the privilege of working with Jonathan Terranova on many projects. His expertise in everything from UI/UX design to email campaigns creates an easy-to-use, effective and engaging user experience that achieves marketing goals and produces results, all while being a pleasure to work with for everyone involved. Jonathan is exactly what you hope for in an art director and creative partner. He is thoughtful, organized and always brings the team together. If he’s available, don’t miss the opportunity to have Jonathan Terranova as part of your company or project!”

— Kathleen McGaheran, Head of Marketing at New York Interconnect

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