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Tools: Pencil | Paper | Wood | Plastic | Photoshop

You can’t live life without a good home-made pesto and I wasn’t going to let excuses like, “my yard is too shaded” get in the way. After researching various types of Controlled Environment Agriculture, I settled on an NFT Hydroponics system for its water, nutrient, and space efficiency, plus easy maintenance. This allowed me to grow indoors in a corner of my basement. Here is my process, from selecting the right plants and materials to constructing the system and witnessing the surprising results. See how sustainable solutions can flourish even in limited spaces.

Hydroponics Drawing Design
NFT Hydroponics Drawings
Hydroponics Set Up
Hydroponic Growing
Pesto and Pasta Mezzaluna
Designing Your Hydroponic Garden - LinkedIn Post


“Jonathan is a super talented creative director, with an keen eye for combining design and usability. A solid team player, and excellent communicator.”

— Hens Breet, Digital Artist & Interactive Storyteller

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