Carbon Removal Illustrations

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Tools: Pen | Paper | Markers

Through a series of hand-drawn illustrations, I explore the transformative power of environmental solutions and climate action. These works are more than just visual representations; they are a testament to the urgent need for change. With a passion for design and a commitment to sustainability, I aim to communicate complex ideas and inspire positive action through art. Each piece reflects the beauty of our natural world and the hope for a greener future, making it a visual journey towards a more sustainable tomorrow.

These illustrations for various carbon removal solutions have been used to raise awareness and garner attention for companies, non-profits, NGOs, and Universities working in this space. They have increased impressions up to 1,500%, while communicating complex ideas in an easily digestible way.

You can view each of the LinkedIn posts here:
Blue Carbon | CO2 captured and stored by coastal and marine ecosystems.

Urban Carbon Sequestration | Using trees and plants in cities to trap and store CO2.

Reforestation | Planting trees to restore nature and fight climate change in deforested areas.

Ocean Afforestation | Planting underwater forests, like seagrass, to absorb CO2.

Kelp Forests | Underwater ecosystems of large seaweeds (kelp) that absorb CO2 from the ocean through photosynthesis.

Enhanced Rock Weathering | A method that uses finely ground rocks to capture and store CO2 from the atmosphere by accelerating the natural process of weathering.

Soil Carbon Sequestration | Plants take CO2 from the air, send carbon down to the soil, fueling microbes and worms that boost soil carbon over time.

Direct Air Capture (DAC) | A technology that sucks CO2 out of the air to reduce its concentration.

Cover Cropping | A farming practice where specific crops are planted in between main crops to improve soil health, reduce erosion, and sequester CO2.

Biochar | A type of charcoal created from organic matter that, when added to soil, enhances its carbon storage capabilities.


“I have worked with Jonathan on several occasions and I will continue to work with him in future. He truly listens to what the client wants and does his best to deliver just that. He has always been great to work with and the results are beyond expectations.”

— Janice Tverberg, Writer (Walter F. Cameron Advertising)